Social Media made easy

which tools for what job?

So! Here we are. And whether attributed to Buckaroo Banzai or Confucius the statement still applies;

“No matter where you go… there you are!”

Indeed, trying to figure out ‘social media’ and how it fits into your ongoing business objectives is a daunting task.

After talking about social media, looking into what social media is and examining social media relationship concepts – let’s look at some of the more popular social media platforms (at least in late 2013) and how those platforms (Facebook, Twitter, 4Square, LinkedIn, YouTube, G+, etc.) can help you engage your customers, build your brand and help drive sales.

Sometimes an image can be worth several hundred words – please see the dry marker board with the ‘meme’ Social Media Made Easy below:

adelphi agency social media made easy


(Hat tip douglaswray for the original meme)