Client Tools

Beginning a new online project or even a site re-design can be confusing, especially when you don’t know where to start! We’ve included some tools and information below that will help you through this process.

Project Profiler

The purpose of the project profiler is to:

  1. Let us know what You want!
  2. Determine what the web site is suppose to do.
  3. Help prioritize project goals
  4. Develop an appropriate strategy for YOUR Business needs

(You can have the profiler emailed by contacting us through our contact center and requesting it. Or, simply download the document using the link below. After you complete the questions and return the profiler to us.)

Download Project Profiler 

Need A Domain Name?

Check to see if the domain name you want is available. Simply enter your name in the box below to search the Who-Is database for your domain name availability.


Register your Domain Name through our partner:

Adelphi Agency offers domain registration through pairNIC.

Enter a Domain Name:

Register the Domain Name
Transfer the Domain Name to pairNIC


Search Engine Placement & Optimzation

Welcome to the “Dark-Arts” of the Internet. Promoting your site properly is the single best way to insure success for your business. The article linked below has easy-to-understand information on submitting your web site to search engines, page rankings and key word optimization.
Search Engines

More things to think about

Our work is about your company and connecting your message to your intended audiences.
Adelphi Agency Process

Recommended Reading Adelphi Agency in association with has made it convenient for you to buy these “ recommended books” directly from Amazon. Or as Mark Twain is, once remarked; “never let your schoolin’ interfer with your education.” Keep Learning !