Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does a web site cost?
A. Site design, programming and even hosting fees vary widely and are contingent on the overall scope of the project and the technologies needed to implement it. To help us determine your actual requirements, we have placed online in our clients tools section a Project Profiler. The profiler can be downloaded using this link: Adelphi Agency client tools
Q. Why don’t I just start with a “free” or template site from one of those big conglomerate portals?
A. A. The answers are several-fold: There is no free lunch – this means the design might be free; but, the development cost may be ‘rolled’ in to the hosting fees with a free site you may actually never ‘own it’, instead you just lease it Like the old cliché says; “You only get ONE CHANCE to make a GOOD first impression! In today’s over communicated society, how will you position your company’s unique image among hundreds or maybe even thousands of others sites at the same place – offering similar products or services?
Q. What should I consider before I start a web site project?
A. Well drag out your marketing plan and start there! Oh you don’t have a marketing plan either ! Well start with this (and this is by no means the definitive list): What do you want your website to accomplish? What are the short and long term goals of your site? Who are your intended audiences? How will you measure it’s success?
Q. Are there additional business related concerns?
A. What do you want for your company – what are you company’s business goals for the next five years? How can a web site help accomplish those business goals? What is the ONE thing your company does better than your competitors? Ask yourself why would any body want to come to MY website?
Q. Well, why would anybody come to my website?
A. Without a big lecture from Maslow on Hierarchical Needs. . . Your site’s primary purpose must provide solutions to your prospects needs to compel them to visit.

  • customers will visit for the right product
  • end users will visit for the right information
  • advocates will visit for the right cause
  • clientele will visit for fun
  • students will visit for education
Q. How will someone find my web site?
A. Web site listings and placement are like the “dark arts” of the Internet . You can find a more detail explanation in our client tools section. Helpful hint: make sure that each of your web pages include key word and description meta tags.
Q. How can I make my listing first
A. besides paying – and that is no guarantee. , Please see the FAQ above
Q. Wow, this is some good info. Why don’t I build this website myself?
A. For the same reason most people don’t built their own furniture.

Typically by the time you come up to speed enough to design, create and implement a decent website, you could have paid to have it done more cost effectively. Remember your company is in business to do business, not be computer geeks.

Q. How do I contact Adelphi Agency to begin the Process?
A. You may contact us from our contact center. You may also visit our client tools section for additional information on marketing plans, website promotion and the project profiler.
Q. Is Adelphi Agency associated with the cable company Adelphia?
A. NO! There is no connection between Adelphi Agency and the cable entertainment company Adelphia. Since 1995 Adelphi Agency has provided web design services and Internet Applications development for our clients. This is long before the cable company Adelphia started to provide internet services.

Please direct Adelphia abuse issues directly to:

Q. I’m getting lots of unsolicited commercial e-mail (aka “spam”), what can I do about it?
A. 200 Known Spam Operations responsible for 90% of your spam.

  • Under NO circumstances – no matter how tempting – should you unsubscribe from the link at the bottom of a spammer’s unsolicited offering. Instead of unsubscribing, you are only confirming that your email address is valid. This will ensure your email address’ hasty proliferation among the spam operations and spam-gangs. Spammers by there very nature are con-artists, liars, pretenders and thieves! Often they operate illegally and can not be trusted with your valid email address
  • You can forward the offending messages to the Federal Trade Commission at: or you can visit FTC Consumer Complaint Form
  • Hold your nose and delete the messages, complaining to the hosting services falls on deaf ears
Q. What is a scripting language and why might I need it for my website?
A. HTML, the prominent computer code underpinning the Internet is a “stateless medium.” Without the appropriate technologies: “scripting languages” and databases webpage can only display static information. Even with simplest tasks taken for granted on the Internet today (e.g. sending an email from a form, display the current date or remembering how many items in a shopping cart) could not be accomplished without the implementation of technologies to augment HTML functionality. Having the appropriate technologies configured properly is KEY to delivering an online application that – accomplishes the clients business needs – and communicates a rich experience to the website visitor.