Web Hosting

Adelphi Agency is a Pair Networks authorized reseller. Out of all of the companies offering hosting services, we chose Pair Networks for the following reasons.

  • Their data center sits atop one of the Network Access Points (NAPs) for the United States (this means direct access to the internet backbone).
  • They operate our own dedicated, multi-homed network in our own datacenters. Their local network is fully-switched and collision-free, while their external connections to the Internet include 10 GigE connections to multiple backbone networks in order to ensure your Web sites will always load quickly, giving your visitors a fast and smooth experience that will keep them on your site. Industry-leading routing and switching hardware keeps your data flowing quickly and efficiently on our fully-switched, congestion-free network.
    Through hand-tuning in addition to BGP route selection, we ensure optimal route selection focused on private peering and automatic failover in the event of outages.They are continually expanding and upgrading our network for capacity and diversity.
  • Their server platform is trusted FreeBSD UNIX Operating System -Unix operating systems have been proven stable and reliable through decades of enhancement and improvement. Or,  Ubuntu Linux servers if you prefer
  • Uptime and Reliability are monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Pair Networks’ server and network uptime is well in excess of 99.9%.
  • The data center is out of the Florida “hurricane belt” in a secure facility. All restricted areas are protected by video surveillance as well as on-site personnel, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Data is backed up daily to ensure full recovery in the event of a disaster. Their entire facility is protected by multi-stage security, FM-200 fire suppression systems, Powerware battery backup systems, and a 750,000 watt diesel generator that can run indefinitely.
  • Pair Networks offer a vast array of technologies that always work and fill our clients needs!

HTML, and other prominent computer codes underpinning the Internet are a “stateless medium.” Without the appropriate technologies: scripting-languages and databases, a web page can only display static information. Even with simplest tasks taken for granted on the Internet today (e.g. sending an email from a form, display the current date or remembering how many items in a shopping cart) could not be accomplished without the implementation of technologies to augment HTML functionality. Having the appropriate technologies configured properly is KEY to delivering an online application that – accomplishes the task our clients need. We chose certainty of Pair Networks to provide a hosting environment that our customers can rely for their essential business needs.

While we retail Pair Networks Hosting services, some of our clients have the IT staff that desire to administer the computing environments in-house. In that case, we are happy to referrer you directly to Pair Networks in the event you feel comfortable maintaining your own web server environment, email needs and can provide your own technical support.

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