The Cambrian Foundation

Education is a keystone to the Cambrian Foundation’s mantra. Public outreach is the staple on which not-for-profit corporations like ours pass along information and rally interest behind issues which touch the lives of everyone on our planet. Our ‘website’ or ‘homepage’, words which don’t do this invaluable resource justice, is a direct result of the dedication and ingenuities of Adelphi Agency and it’s President Rick Richbourg.

While all of us consider ourselves ‘creative’ in one form or another, Rick has the uncanny ability to take our creative ideas and marry them with the latest generation of website design and concepts. Our needs for the website were compared and melded with the needs and desires of the accessing public and members of the Foundation. It is through Rick’s ability to put himself in the web-surfer’s place, that he brings a new level of marketability and positioning of the website.

It is without a doubt that our exploration, research and preservation efforts of the aquatic realm would be touching and benefiting and infinitely smaller amount of people if it were not for the talents and the love of both our planet and of the information highway that is embodied in Adelphi Agency and Rick Richbourg.

Thank-you, Rick, for all you have done. Because of you, the Cambrian Foundation is able to reach around the world with an air of sophistication and viability.


Kenneth Furman
The Cambrian Foundation