Social Media Relationships

Curating Social Media Relationships

dontbuylikesAmong the many similarities of all of the social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Myspace (which is seeing a bit of resurgence amongst the musician types) is The Friend Button!

Whether your ‘friend’, ‘follow’ or Like someone’s Page, Profile or Post, you are ‘ipso facto’ (by the fact itself) becoming part of ‘the club’ of mutuality. That reciprocal belonging is much of the cohesion that underpins the Maslow like drive (hierarchical needs) to connect virtually.

As the motto for (one of my) college alma maters states: Esse Quam Videri (to be, rather than to seem). The admonishment to ‘Be Real’ is a trusism for social media relations as well.

Sincerity (sincēritās: without wax), will get you much further toward your business goals than guile.

Though – much like real life, finding and maintaining a satisfying social media relationship is based on authenticity. Sure, you can get involved in a ‘Pretty Woman’ (the movie) kind of social media relationship where you pay for likes, friends or followers; but, it’s never as good as the real deal! And urge you consider carefully before being seduced by the ‘dark arts’ purveyor selling friends.

As we begin building our social media plan within context of genuineness, lets begin a basic outline of a plan:

  1. Objectives
    • Should be tied to your business goals (hopefully this is self-evident)
    • Every objective should have (goals strategies and tactics)
  2. Goals
    • Should be measureable or at least quantifiable
  3. Strategies
    • Be real
    • Be focused
    • Be consistent
  4. Tactics
    • The process where your strategies are implemented to meet your goals