Social Media is…

Social Media is not just A thing.


Rather it’s a collection of things –or to be clearer, it is an amalgamation of services: websites, web apps, client side code that all work as digital marketing tools to share (y)our story with friends. From a slightly – more conventional – marketing point-of-view, we are sharing: our conversations about the stuff we do (or make) with prospects – now identified as people who may be interested in what we have to say.

“Back in the day” (like portrayed in the sit-com ‘Mad Men’) we would talk about these relationships as broadcaster and receiver. As- in the seller is the broadcaster and the prospective buyer is the receiver… Much of today’s online marketing has evolveddevolved transformed into a more tribal affair. Where the sales / purchases are not just “a buy” or ‘a sell’ transaction. Instead – ‘the deal’ is often a presumptive inclusion into some sort of fraternity / sorority of like-minded ‘regulars’ – similar to your fave hangout – ’where everybody knows your name!’ And participation via acquisition is an instant imprimatur of approval.

Though this circle of “unicorn” of warm and fuzzy friendships is a sharp sword that can cut both ways. Where circle of trust is made on genuine connection or at least an overlap of mutually interests and extending throughout the tribe (clique, coterie, group, family); but, can be damaged if one of the parties plays the other false! This means endeavoring to always ‘do right’ AND make it right when you fall short of expectations!

Chances are you will be using social media to do one – or more of these things: develop new customer relationships, build a brand identity, make your brand even more available to your tribe, reinforce your reputation even advocate for a cause!

So don’t be a spendthrift with your ‘social currency!’