Gauging your Engagement!

adelphi-agency guaging-engagementReaching your customers (clients or tribe members) is often a tough enough task – measuring how successfully you are reaching them is often ‘another kettle of fish!”

Obviously, if you are selling things, the most macro of measurements might include the number of increased sales. Or, if you are an artist it is how many likes you have on your Facebook page. But, in the era of ‘big data’ and competing ideas on which of the social data analytics are meaningful – perhaps a more granular approach is in order?

Of course, most companies understand that social media may have important roles to play in how they conduct business…the problem is that most are unaware of how to go about tackling the problem. Further reinforcing the maxim “ you don’t know what you don’t know!”

When talking about gauging your engagement, there are a number of factors it’s important to note:

  • Sophisticated Data Analysis: what distinguishes social data analytics from sentiment analysis is the depth of the analysis. Social data analysis takes into consideration a number of factors (context, content, sentiment) to provide additional insight.
  • Time consideration: windows of opportunity are significantly limited in the field of social networking. What’s relevant one day (or even one hour) may not be the next. Being able to quickly execute and analyze the data is an imperative.
  • Influence Analysis: understanding the potential impact of specific individuals can be key in understanding how messages might be resonating. It’s not just about quantity, it’s also very much about quality.
  • Network Analysis: social data is also interesting in that it migrates, grows (or dies) based on how the data is propagated throughout the network. It’s how viral activity starts–and spreads.

Separating the grist from the chaff and then funneling into some practical business value is our more granular approach. Contact us if our would like an to know what your data is trying to tell you.